Beautiful autumns in Burgundy

The highest point on the magnificent Burgundy Canal shows off its colours

As the Burgundy summer is rapidly fading, the warmth of the the sun is giving way to cold frosty mornings and chilly sunny days.

Today we are in the very heart of the Burgundy countryside near the summit of the canal at lock house number 12  near Vandenesse-en-Auxois on the Saône side.

As autumn sets in, the sun’s angle becomes more acute and nature unfolds a natural palette of mesmerizing  and contrasting colours.

This part of the Burgundy canal is a choice destination for both hotel barges and self-drive boats.

The village of Vandenesse is only 50 kilometres from the grand capital city of Dijon and offers a remarkable calmness with a large dose of tranquillity. Sainte Sabine

Journey along the straight tree lined 7km road rom Pouilly-en-Auxois to the grande follie chauteau in the village of Saint-Sabine.

Auxois plateau
In the background you can see the hill with Chateauneuf-en-Auxois climbing high. In the foreground the fertile Auxois plateau is dedicated to cereal crops and the winter wheat has already been sown.
Travel back to the medieval times in Chateauneuf

Chateauneuf, the fortified medieval village proudly stands above it’s hole land.

Canal lock house number 12 on the Saone side of the canal

Looking at lock number 12, if you’re cruising on a hotel barge or self-drive boat, you’ve now entered a “staircase” of locks.

Towards canal lock 13

A downstream view from lock 12 looking towards the “Vallée Ouche” and the next village of Crugey.

Reflections on the still canal water

Locking towards lock number 11 and just two more locks before arriving in the village of Vandenesse-en-Auxois.

Burgundy landmark, Chateauneuf-en-Auxois

Looking through the trees and hedgerows towards the imposing Burgundy landmark of Chateauneuf, an solid fortification dating from the 11th century.

Burgundy canal, lock 12 - 11

Walking along the tow-path between two canal locks, the colours are abundant and the reflections on the water are so still you should pause and contemplate this unique Burgundy view.

The tree-lined towpath is perfect for cycling and walking after steeping into the footsteps of the mules and horses who once hauled cargo laden barges from Paris to Lyon and beyond.


Looking through the trees above lock house number 12 towards Chateauneuf.

As you can see the landscapes, perspectives and environment are spectacular, an ideal ingredient to your next cruise itinerary. If you would like to discover the true “BURGUNDY” and which boats or barges cruise on this section of Burgundy Canal, simply click here and contact us.

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