Top rated hotel barge cruises

This page is all about the Top Rated hotel barges cruising on the inland waterways, canals and rivers from countries such as France, England and Holland.

All of the barges listed below  are tested, inspected and selected, by Barge.Holiday before being accredited a “Top Rated” status.

The Top Rated status is re-evaluated every 12 months.

Here you have the best in barge cruise holidays.

Hotel barges in France

C’est La Vie

Hotel barge C'est la Vie

Top Rated N° 18-08-204

An ultra-luxury 8 passenger hotel barge. amazing gourmet cuisine, 4 suites and a luxurious interior. There are two cruise routes, with Northern Burgundy and the Loire region. Website


Luciole barge

Top Rated N° 18-05-203

A 14 passenger hotel barge offering top quality service and experience. This boat navigates on the Canal du Nivernais and the river Yonne.


Charter hotel barge Magnolia

Top Rated N° 18-06-200

The very traditional style boat with a unique conversion. Maximum space and light throughout. The Home & Away charter hotel barge cruises on the Burgundy Canal near Dijon, 4 and 7 day cruises, half-board, full board and even self-catering. This barge adapts to all your wishes.  Check the hotel barge website


Charter barge Saroche

Top Rated N° 18-09-209

An ultra-luxury 6 passenger hotel barge, they have two cruise  routes , with the Burgundy or the Champagne region to choose from. Very specious cabins and sun-deck.

Saroche has a huge reputation and is the most respected flag ship. Check the barge website for Saroche

Wine & Water

Luxury hotel boat Wine & Water

Top Rated hotel barge N° 18-08-201

This boat is a luxury 6 passenger hotel barge refitted in 2016.

Your captain “Max” is one of the most experienced bargees and he will be delighted to share with you the choice of two cruise routes, with Burgundy Dijon or the Jura Besaçon.

With a touch of indulgence in wine, this is a definite choice for connoisseurs.

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