Hotel Barge cruises, the bespoke holiday

About hotel barges

This is a vacation of a life time, hotel barge cruises are such a different way to do it.Romantic and relaxing. The complete experience is at a very calm pace giving you the chance to savour and truly appreciate the views and settings.

A brief history

Hotel barges come in a variety of shapes and sizes,  most are converted from traditional steel cargo carrying barges which were built in Holland, Belgium, Germany or France.  Many of these barges were constructed in  1920’s to 1940’s when inland waterways where at the height of their glory and usage. In the 1970’s the rapid decline of use as cargo transporters began and many barges were abandoned.

Luxury Hotel Barges

There are some incredible barges, which have been designed to perfection and easily surpass the most famous cruise liners in the world. When you are concerned about cabin space, bed size, bathroom suite, you’ll be very surprised.

The whole concept depends on what you are looking for. Cruise liners will often accommodate one, two or 5000  and more passengers, this is totally impossible on a barge.  If you are looking for casinos, theatres and health centres then a hotel barge is not what you need.

Barges offer you a certain space within a restricted volume which is dependent on the cruise route.

Charter barges

As I write this article I can say that I have never crewed a hotel barge charter which has not satisfied the passengers. Even now they are belong to my personal fond memories, although I was just a crew member.

Half-board options

Some barges are very comfortable and do not shout the “Luxury” tag, but they can be a very good choice.

How to reserve a barge

Make contact with a reputable hotel barge specialist.